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Voltyx’s EPST Partners in Joint Venture to Create First and Largest Wind Farm on East Coast

May 26, 2023

In 2021, one of the largest multi-national energy companies was tasked with creating the largest wind farm off the United States’ east coast. Included in the project’s scope were twelve turbines and one offshore substation with a proposed location 15 miles east of Montauk, NY. In Fall of 2022, Voltyx’s EPST was chosen as the electrical testing and engineering group to support the project.

The new wind farm will need a new 138/69kV onshore substation for New York’s largest electrical utility and will be the first offshore wind farm to provide power to approximately 70,000 homes throughout the state. To accomplish this goal and reach the Summer 2023 completion date, the client and EPST have also brought in New England’s largest electrical utility to aid with the construction of the onshore substation in Montauk. Beginning in January 2023, EPST began their work on this onshore substation project including:

  1. Reviewing engineering design for the onshore substation and P&C packages, including relays utilizing the new and advanced 61850 protocols.
  2. Programming and testing of all protection and control devices.
  3. Integration testing of 61850 protocol.
  4. Testing of telecommunication devices between onshore, offshore, and local utility substations.
  5. Acceptance testing of substation equipment including:

    a. (3) 138kV breakers
    b. (3) 69kV dead tank breakers
    c. (1) 138/69/24kV autotransformer
    d. (1) 138kV oil-filled fixed shunt reactor
    e. (1) 75-MVAR 24kV STATCOM
    f. (1) 50-MVAR 69kV Harmonic filter
    g. (1) Control house with AC & DC utilities, relay panels, and SCADA equipment.
  6. Energization of onshore and offshore substations through new transmission lines with local utility.

Throughout the first quarter of 2023, EPST was busy assembling a crew of experienced industry professionals who could expedite and deploy a condensed schedule in Long Island, NY. Though there were a significant number of weather-related obstacles, in May 2023, EPST delivered this project on time and on budget to the client.

EPST will complete the energization of the South Fork Wind Farm Substation in July 2023, when we look forward to sharing an update on this exciting project!


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