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Transformer Lifecycle Services Replace Transformer Previously Struck by Lightning in Northern Virginia

October 2, 2023

On July 31, 2023, Transformer Lifecycle Services (TLS) came to the aid of a client located in northern Virginia, by locating and installing a compatible transformer. Previously struck twice by lightning, the original transformer began experiencing a tremendous amount of stress from the high demand that comes with the summer heat. This transformer was then identified as the source of several widespread outages in the region, leaving thousands without power for hours at a time.  According to the region’s utility director, Tony Dawood, “These outages, for the city, are unprecedented. We’re doing everything we can, as quickly as possible, to make the station whole again.”


While the current transformer is on loan for the next three months, TLS will be busy rebuilding the one struck by lightning, as current expected delivery on new equipment is a two year wait time- a direct effect from the supply chain issues plaguing many industries.


“What’s very unique to electrical equipment is it doesn’t fail like you would think. It’s a cumulative process, so it takes time. You can test this piece of equipment and it’ll show that it’s working when, in fact, it’s already been deteriorating. And then it’ll completely fail,” said Dawood.


About TLS

Transformer Lifecycle Services (TLS) is an independent provider of transformer and substation services for the electric utility industry throughout the United States. Our management and skilled field-based technicians have received specialized training and are among the most experienced in the industry. Our customers know us as trusted resources in the substation field with established long-term relationships grounded in safety, integrity, reliability, and professionalism.


About Voltyx

As the holding company of five operating companies – EPS, NASS, EPST, TLS, and NOMOS, Voltyx is an integrated power solutions provider focused on guiding our partners through vision, strategy, service, and support. The Voltyx family has served the electrical grid for more than 40 years and is united at the core by providing exceptional testing, engineering, maintenance, grid equipment, and cyber security services. Our reputation for safety, innovation, and service is built on a foundation of well-leveraged resources and competencies, driving reliability back to our partners.


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