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South Dakota’s Largest Solar Project Has Officially Broken Ground

March 9, 2023

Construction on the Wild Springs Solar Project in Pennington County, SD, is officially underway. The state’s largest solar project is expected to generate 128-MW of energy which will serve customers of the regional electric cooperative. Wild Springs in located in Pennington County, and owned by National Grid Renewables, falls under Southwest Power Pool, which already has a 114-MW power purchase agreement with Basin Electric Power Cooperative.


With the addition of the Wild Springs Solar Project, SPP will oversee the bulk of the electrical grid in the Central U.S., distributing power to several utilities across 17 states. According to Blake Nixon, president of National Grid Renewables, “Wild Springs represents a continuation of our leadership in renewable energy and economic development in the state of South Dakota. Our Crocker Wind Farm located in Clark County began operation in 2019, and now with Wild Springs, we will have nearly 330 MW of clean energy projects in the state, all of which contribute significantly to the tax base, as well as the local communities that host the projects.”

“The construction of the Wild Springs Solar Project will be a great addition to South Dakota,” states by Steve Westra, commissioner of the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

As renewables continue to dominate South Dakota’s utility scale, this groundbreaking solar project will contribute to the 82% overall electricity generation for the state. Currently, wind energy is supplying more than 50% for the entire state, with hydropower taking second place since 2021. With the Wild Springs Solar Project installment, solar energy is positioned to surpass hydropower once the farm is fully operational.

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