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NASS’ Experts Are Actively Aiding in Minimizing the Environmental Impact of SF6 Breaker Gas 

June 5, 2023

SF6 breakers, are widely used in the electrical power industry for their exceptional arc-quenching properties. These breakers utilize SF6 gas as an insulating medium, which exhibits excellent dielectric strength and thermal conductivity. As a result, SF6 breakers offer several advantages over traditional oil or air-based circuit breakers, including higher voltage ratings, compact size, and better performance under high-voltage conditions. However, due to the environmental concerns associated with SF6 gas, its disposal has become a significant challenge, leading to the development of stringent regulations and specialized techniques for its proper handling and recycling. 

Disposing of SF6 gas is critical and requires careful attention to minimize its environmental impact. SF6 is a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming potential (GWP) several thousand times greater than carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the responsible management and recycling of SF6 gas to mitigate its contribution to climate change. Disposal methods for SF6 gas typically involve recovering, purifying, and reusing the gas to reduce emissions. Various techniques, such as gas filtration, chemical treatment, and cryogenic separation, are employed to remove impurities and contaminants from used SF6 gas, allowing it to be recycled and reused in the electrical industry. Additionally, governments and regulatory bodies have implemented strict protocols and guidelines to monitor and regulate the disposal of SF6 gas, promoting the adoption of environmentally friendly practices and technologies in the power sector. 

The Voltyx family of companies provides daily service on SF6 breakers throughout the country. Our services have significant environmental impacts. By performing regular maintenance, we enhance the reliability of the breakers, thereby reducing the occurrence of emergency outages. These outages can result in various forms of environmental damage, including fires, gas spillage, and the release of harmful toxins during failures, which can result in immeasurable GWP.  

For example, NASS recently performed two annual maintenance services on nine 230kV SF6 breakers. Through this service, NASS was able to halt leaks on two breakers and repair the mechanism on a third, improving reliability across the customer’s fleet.  

Voltyx’s NASS is a major proponent of modernizing electrical infrastructure, with sustainable practices at the forefront of everything we do. To learn more about how NASS can help with updating your equipment or aid with the proper disposal of SF6 gas at your company, visit  


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