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Last Coal-Fired Power Plant Imploded to Make Way for an Energy Storage Facility 

March 9, 2023

December 2, 2022, brought a large crowd to the Logan Generating Station in Swedesboro, New Jersey, as the state’s last standing coal-fired power plant was imploded to create a new site for renewable energy storage.

After nearly three decades of operation, the 242MW power plant’s service was brought down by the push of a button while climate and clean energy advocates looked on.

Owned by energy and infrastructure investment group, Starwood Energy, this now decommissioned site will make way for a clean energy storage facility, per the long-term power purchase agreement termination granted by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. In March 2022, Starwood agreed to use the site as host to clean energy projects if allowed to end the PPA early. As such Atlantic City Electric customers can expect to see refunds of the PPA costs in the near future.

According to Starwood’s CEO Himanshu Saxena, not only does the early retirement of this plant save the utility $30 million, the “early and permanent retirement” of the Logan plant marks New Jersey’s single largest move to reduce C02 emissions.

“Working with numerous stakeholders, we developed a win-win plan that created an early and permanent retirement of the Logan plant and resulted in one of the State’s single largest CO2 reduction measures,” Starwood CEO Himanshu Saxena said.

“And now, in accordance with New Jersey’s Legislative Mandate to implement urgently needed energy storage for grid security and to accommodate and maximize the benefit of the huge influx of incoming renewable energy including from offshore wind, our company will work with Energy Management, Inc. to transform this site into one of the largest energy storage projects anywhere on the East coast.”

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