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    Behind the Gate Guidelines

    Our vision at VOLTYX is as follows:

    “Partnering with our customers to deliver unmatched expertise safely and reliably to enable the electrification of everything.” 

    One way to achieve this vision is to become the single-source provider of all types of power solutions for our clients. However, most of our clients are not aware of the incredible breadth of services we can deliver in the industries we serve. To overcome this lack of awareness and focus on growing together, employees will have a simple goal once “Behind the Gate”- identifying solutions the Voltyx operating companies can deliver to our clients. To encourage participation, we developed an incentive program, which rewards employees/crews who have a conversation with a client about a challenge that ultimately results in additional business with one of the VOLTYX operating companies.


    Adding a project or contracted service to a current client at the same site or additional customer site sold by a salesperson. Change orders on an existing project do not qualify as a cross-sold opportunity in this program. 


    When developing a marketing plan within a specified territory, Sales Leaders and Sales Representatives should prioritize their prospecting efforts by focusing on prospective clients using the following methodology.

    • Current clients in the same operating company where we can add service(s) or new location/site (BTG).
    • Current clients working with a different operating company or region where we can add a service or site (BTG).
    • Inbound Digital Marketing and 1-800 numbers. Immediate response is required.
    • Clients that we would like to do business with that we are not working with today.


    • Step 1: Talk with clients & others about potential projects Behind the Gate.
    • Step 2: Enter the Opportunities at
    • Step 3: Lead Generation Team qualifies the opportunity and assigns it to the appropriate sales asset. 
    • Step 4: Sales follows up, and the client signs an agreement to have VOLTYX provide additional service.
    • Step 5: The employee/crew who provided the opportunity receives the cash reward/incentive.

      • Drive organic growth for VOLTYX
      • Build greater value and trusting client relationships
      • Creates Cross Selling culture
      • Provide recognition and rewards for employees who help us grow together

        • Provide program participants with prompt recognition and reward for their role in expanding the business with existing clients by providing opportunities for other operating companies and additional services within their own operating company.
        • Implement an educational program through Area Market Leaders and Program Review Board members that defines (1) the program’s structure and (2) drives a broad understanding of VOLTYX capabilities.
        • Maintain a detailed policy that ensures consistent, long-term success through a diverse Program Review Board comprised of delegates from all Operating Companies and business functions.
        • Measure program performance and report performance to VOLTYX Leaders quarterly.

          Participation in the Program

          All VOLTYX employees can participate in the program. Most employees below VP/Officer level are eligible for monetary rewards. The Program Review Board members and Leadership of each Operating Company will make all final decisions regarding participation for Branch Managers, General Managers, etc.

          I. Monetary awards will not apply in cases where a VOLTYX employee works to award services to other VOLTYX business units independently without the client’s consent. 

          II. Participation in this program cannot interfere with a VOLTYX employee’s primary operational role. The intent of this program is for participants to identify opportunities with existing clients, not play a significant role in approving, developing, creating the proposed solution, or “selling” the job.

          III. Selling professionals are not eligible for a Behind the Gate bonus if they will receive any incentive payment associated with the project sold by a different selling professional.

          IV. This program is designed to reward employees for being proactive in promoting other services to our existing clients. It is not intended to compensate employees for reactive Opportunities (i.e., call-ins, RFPs, or Opportunities coming to us in any form outside the company without any proactive effort on the part of the employee). Any Opportunities determined by the Program Review Board to have been generated reactively are subject to exclusion from the program.

          V. All company Officers, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and business unit Leaders eligible for management bonuses and/or other forms of leadership compensation may not participate in the monetary rewards portion of this program.

          VI. It is not allowed for a nonparticipating member of the program (leaderships) to provide an opportunity to one of their subordinates for the subordinate to get the rewards benefit of the program.

          Program Review Board, Program Leader, and Area Leadership Program

          1. The Program Review Board’s primary purpose is to manage the program, including:

          • a) Review & implementation of employee recommendations
          • b) Management of budgets
          • c) Rewards & promotion of the program
          • d) Resolution of disputes
          • e) Make changes as deemed necessary by Board or Senior Leadership.
          • 3. The Program Leader is Carrie Konior, a member of the Program Review Board. The Program Leader’s primary role will be to organize Program Review Board meetings, Opportunity event planning, distribute performance reports, and Opportunity promotional efforts. For the next 12 months of the Program, the Program Review Board members will be:

            • Mike Rembish (Leadership Sponsor)
            • Carrie Konior (Program Leader)
            • Greg Vaughn (Strategic Sales)
            • James Vaughn (Technical Sales)
            • Don McCarty (Transformer)
            • George Bratkiv (Testing)
            • Ryan Cross (Engineering)
            • JF Collin (Nomos)

            4. Operating Company Leaders will be given quarterly reviews and will provide performance feedback and direction to the Program Leader.

            Eligible/Qualified Opportunities

            • Program participants will be recognized and compensated for registering qualified new Opportunities that result in additional contracted services/new projects in or outside their operating company for an existing client.
            • A qualified opportunity is an opportunity that has been submitted as an opportunity in CRM, reviewed by Lead Generation, and assigned to a Salesperson.
            • All opportunities must be entered at
            • If the opportunity is not entered in, no payments will be made – no exceptions. The opportunity must be entered prior to the job being awarded. Any opportunity entered in after the opportunity is closed will not be compensated – no exceptions.
            • This program does not replace or change compensation policies for operating company sales staff or employees already compensated/recognized for multi-service selling activities.
            • This program is additive and not meant to reduce the Salesperson’s incentive program currently in place for the operating company.
            • All Opportunities are subject to review by the Program Review Board prior to funding and recognition under this program. The decision of the Program Review Board is final.
            • Once an Opportunity is successfully sold, the relationship is now with the receiving operating company. No payment will be made on additional projects sold by sales or operations at that customer site. (Unless authorized by the Program Review Board).
            • Opportunities open longer than one year with no logged activity in CRM or a change in sales stage must be re-submitted, re-qualified by Lead Generation, and accepted by the Salesperson.

            Non-Qualifying Opportunities

            • Clients or prospects calling us with a project, opportunities generated by finding RFPs on the internet, or any other reactive opportunities. The program is intended to encourage employees to solve problems proactively with existing clients.
            • The program is not designed to reward referrals and opportunities within a service line. For example, change orders on an existing project at the same client site. 
            • This program is designed to encourage our employees to help clients solve their problems by using VOLTYX solutions.


            • Opportunities will be initially qualified and verified by the Lead Generation Team. The final opportunity recipient will acknowledge receipt of the opportunity to the opportunity generator by updating the opportunity with an activity or changing the opportunity status in CRM.
            • Opportunities will be assigned, qualified, and run through the respective business unit’s normal sales process and assignment protocol.
            • Sales and operations staff will be recognized in the same manner and under the same compensation structure established by their respective business units’ sales and compensation program(s).
            • If an opportunity is received and disqualified, a notification will be sent to the opportunity generator advising the opportunity was disqualified. A reason for not being considered a qualified opportunity will be provided. This information will also be recorded in CRM.

            Incentive Program for Opportunities Resulting in Sales

            • This program is in addition to the existing operating company’s sales compensation and supersedes/replaces all other cross-selling sales incentive programs between Operating Companies.
            • All sales generated and rewarded as part of the incentive program must be priced in accordance with the receiving operating company’s business unit’s standard policies and processes, and by the receiving business unit’s sales or operations resources.
            • The incentive award for Opportunities that result in sales will be $300.00 per opportunity closed/won.
            • The incentive reward of $300.00 is paid by the Operating Company that receives the opportunity and completes the resulting project or agreement with the client.
            • In cases where the entire crew is involved in the submittal of the lead, the incentive will be split evenly among crew members. 
            • All incentives will be validated and authorized to be paid by a designated accounting resource and applied to the receiving business unit’s payroll.
            • Program participants must be employees of VOLTYX at the time of the scheduled incentive distribution to be eligible to receive rewards.
            • All incentives will be paid from a monthly report generated in CRM, distributed to all Industry Group operations/sales, and passively approved or actively disapproved by the Industry Group Leaders by providing a minimum of 10 business days to disapprove. No response will be considered automatic approval.
            • All incentives will be paid by the last business day of the month following the project completion date. (i.e., a start date of October 1 would be paid by November 30).

            Promotion and Management

            • Management of the program will be conducted by the Program Leader in coordination with the Program Review Board using CRM as the automated platform to manage the program.
            • Promotion
            • 1. The VOLTYX national rollout of the BTG program will begin on January 1, 2023.
            • 2. The Program Review Board, Program Leader, and the Marketing Team – working through the Operational and Sales Leaders – will coordinate the promotion and launch of the program to include:
            • I. Launch kit to assist regions, markets, and branches with promotional materials and guidelines to ensure effective business promotion.
            • II. Routine Area Meetings in VOLTYX offices, including online (, for those unable to attend in person.
            • III. Ongoing promotion by Leadership Leadership during the business update
            • IV. Monthly program status updates sent to all Industry Group Leaders indicating participation rates by business unit.
            • V. Ongoing Sales Success Updates issued for all sales meeting minimum criteria (new accounts, >$XX, XXX annual revenue, etc.)
            • Any fraudulent activity or behavior will result in immediate action against the employee(s) who participate in such behavior, up to and including termination.