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Who We Are

The Voltyx family of companies – EPS, NASS, EPST, TLS, and NOMOS, is united at the core by the drive to provide exceptional testing, transformer installation and repair, engineering, maintenance, and grid equipment.

Our organization holds top safety certifications from NETA and PEARL, and we are proud members of national industry associations APPA, NRECA, EPRA, AMP, as well as several state and regional associations.

  • What we do

    Our success is built on a foundation of well-leveraged resources and competencies, which enable us to drive reliability back to our clients. Read more

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Environmental, Social, and Governance

The Voltyx family is a proud partner alongside our clients in the response to modernizing the electrical grid to create a sustainable future for our planet. Through our skilled workforce and committed clients, we are on the front lines of building, maintaining, and revolutionizing electrical infrastructure while keeping safety at the forefront. As the electrical industry transitions to cleaner sources, we are committed to safe work environments, reliable service, and sustainability to fulfill our stewardship to the planet. We are guided by an unwavering commitment to anticipate current and surfacing power grid needs while doing our part to create a better world. Read more

  • For example, for one client alone in 2022, we have safely removed and recycled over 16,000 lbs of SF6 gas used in electrical breakers. This is the equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions avoided by running 45 wind turbines for a year


    The very nature of our work is to empower our clients to address the changing needs of our electric grid and achieve their goals in reducing or eliminating carbon emissions. Be it through improving transmission and network distribution efficiency, extending the life of existing assets, commissioning renewable energy generation plants, or providing support in expanding EV charging networks, we are playing a significant role in creating a more sustainable future. Read more

  • We are proud supporters of service members and are a HIRE Vets Gold Medallion recipient with focused programs supporting military and their families during the transition to civilian careers.


    Our work empowers the lives of the communities we serve. Our success is measured not by the equipment we commission, repair or maintain but by the hospitals, police stations, schools, and homes that are supported by our craftsmanship. The Voltyx family of companies is proud to directly contribute to over 23 foundations, scholarships, and organizations across the United States. Read more

  • At Voltyx, ESG is supported at the highest levels of the organization. Katie Lynch-Butcher is the executive sponsor for our ESG program and is actively involved with the creation and execution of our ESG strategy. Voltyx tracks and reports on several EGS related items for our monthly and quarterly board meetings.


    We are committed to sustainable, ethical business operations and transparent leadership. Our framework of policies and procedures are in place to ensure responsible, accountable, and ethical practices throughout our organization. Read more

Giving Back

Voltyx family of companies directly contributes to over 23 foundations, scholarships, and organizations across the US supporting a variety of important causes.